A real time platform for gaming companies.

Access Real Time

We've made it quicker and easier for your business to access your own real time data, without the need for costly infrastructure or specialist engineers.

Take Action

Unparalleled flexibility to discover and react to events as they unfold in your data streams, in real time.

Rapid Development

Unblock your product roadmap and enable your developers to build compelling new consumer products and internal tools.

Reveal Problems

Run continuous analytics against your pricing to assess the health of your trading and risk positions.



Connects to your existing APIs.
Ingest and handle your
real time data.



Define the events you want
to take action on and write
Javascript to handle them.



Consumer-grade, intelligent
search over all your markets,
with the latest prices.

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Unlock real time data across your business.

Solve problems across product, trading and risk.


Trading receives bets on outcomes with prices that are out-of-date. Customer service now have to cancel the bets and deal with complaints.


Dandelion offers a number of pre-built scripts for monitoring the prices offered through your API.

If these price feeds exhibit unusual behaviour (price jumps, large number of suspensions, lack of updates) then the markets can be flagged with trading or automatically closed through an internal API call.


The business has suffered a lower gross win than normal, but is having trouble identifying the source in a meaningful timeframe.


Dandelion surfaces the mathematics of bookmaking in an easy-to-use framework.

We provide scripts that can automatically track overround, vigorish, implied probabilities and determine market weaknesses. We are even able to detect in game arbitrage opportunities and relay this to your team in near real time.


The product team has an idea for a new application but lacks the engineering resources to prototype it. Engineering are busy for the next 3-6 months.


Dandelion makes it possible to prototype and run new products quickly and easily.

Our programming framework incorporates many of the functions needed to develop new and innovative products. Your developers are able to concentrate on building engaging user experiences, instead of heavy data processing and manipulation.


Connect to your existing APIs.

No need to build your own infrastructure.

Connection architecture

Dandelion intelligently polls your existing APIs to construct its own stream of events.

These events are indexed into data storage and then processed through the scripting engine.

All data, processing and scripting is carried out within Dandelion, there is no need for you to provision additional infrastructure.

Once connected, we offer a turnkey solution to your business.

We are also able to offer lower latency integration options by way of push messaging or message queue integration, subject to consultation.


Our scripting engine allows discovery and manipulation of your real time data.


Notify individuals or groups when situations of interest unfold.


Arbitrage, odds conversions and Kelly criterion calculators.


Generate graphs, store logs, use counters, classify and tag data.


Call HTTP services, send e-mails, SMS or post Slack messages.

Time Windows

Scan, query and perform calculations over data that changes over time.


Dynamically create scripts, stop & start scripts, analyze execution metrics.


Per-script and global storage, weighted lists for ranking data


Intelligent search over all markets with the latest pricing information

We provide a programming and execution framework that enables your developers to write scripts that react to changes in your data stream.

Our tooling is delivered through the browser; no need to install additional software or make changes to your corporate infrastructure.

The Dandelion platform handles everything; data ingestion, indexing, event creation, script execution, fast storage and integration capabilities.

Our scripting framework is developer friendly, allowing any developer to write plain old Javascript, in the browser, with the full power of an IDE.

We provide in-browser code completion, making it easy to discover and understand the framework. No lengthy training required.

Documentation and examples are where your developers need it; with the code. Unlock their ability to innovate and deliver.

The framework is built specifically for gaming companies. We provide built-in functions such as: time-windows over prices and probabilities, odds conversions, betting calculations, HTTP integration, notifications and many more.

We provide a common set of capabilities out-of-the-box.

Scripting Screenshot


Hit the ground running with these scripts.

Our approach allows you to get started straight away with these applications,
or consult with us and we can help you craft your own bespoke scripts.

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Simple and easy.

  • Annual commitment, monthly subscription.
  • Tiered packages of production applications.
  • Manage data model, scripting and streams.
  • Unlimited Dandelion API calls.
  • Tiered 24 x 7 support levels.
  • Consultancy available.

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